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Climate Change Adaptation Policy, 10 years: Tracking Adaptation and Suggesting the Way Forward (Ⅲ)
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Sejong | 2021 | 233 p.
ISBN 979-11-5980-581-3
Young-Il Song; Ji-Young Shin; Jin-Han Park; Song-Mi Park; Mirae Kim
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Korea Environment Institute (KEI)
Asia and the Pacific
Europe and North America

This study suggested the direction of preparing and wrote the climate change adaptation gap report by sector.


  • This study defined the adaptation gap as the degree of implementation compared to the adaptation goal and evaluated the effect of reducing climate change risk.
  • This study prepared a climate change adaptation gap report through the process of selecting representative indicators, setting adaptation goals, and analyzing national climate change adaptation policies for five sectors: forest/ecosystem, agriculture and fisheries, water, health, and territory/coast.
  • Through the writing of the climate change adaptation gap report, We identified the insufficient climate change adaptation measures and suggested the policy directions to effectively reduce climate change risk and ensure the effectiveness of future climate change adaptation policies.
  • As a result, we emphasized the climate change adaptation efforts are needed, such as establishing climate change adaptation policies directly related to climate change risk, building the data to understand the effectiveness of climate change adaptation measures, and setting goals for climate change adaptation.


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International normative instruments / policy and advocacy documents
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Climate change