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A Culture of Peace and Its Role in Achieving Stability and Development in Sudan
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Khartoum | 2015 |
Abdel Nasser Majzoub Makki
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Sudan University of Science and Technology

The problem of thesis concerned in how to develop peace culture elements to boost stability and development in Sudan, and to develop educational systems, and activated the role of the native administration in peace culture dissemination, and accept other. Thesis aimed to know the elements of social peace and its role in stability and development in Sudan. Thesis hypotheses come out with the statement, that; statically there is relation between peace culture and stability, and development, its ratio estimated 95, 6% from the samples. Researcher used descriptive and historical methods to investigate hypotheses, depended in collecting data on pre-studies, workshops, seminars, questionnaire, and interviews. Research comes out with important results as below; There are many elements threats peace culture in Sudan, as education system, native administration, weapons, and tribal conflicts. Education and training has a great impact upon behavior, and pivotal in compacts poverty, and conflicts, so it has effective role in peace dissimilation.


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Conference reports and proceedings
Peace / Culture of peace
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Higher education


Peace; Peacebuilding; Culture of Peace