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The Degree of Responsiveness of Palestinian School Curricula in the Basic stage of the Characteristics of Democratic Education from the Point of View of Teachers
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Babylon | 2018 | p. 148-165
Mahmoud Abdel Majeed Rasheed Assaf
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University of Babylon
Arab States

The study aimed to identify the estimates of a sample of the teachers of the basic stage in Gaza Governorate to the degree of responsiveness of the Palestinian school curricula to the characteristics of democratic education and to find out if there were statistically significant differences at the level (α≤ 0.05) of significance Attributable to variables (sex, number of years of service). The researcher followed the analytical descriptive method by applying a questionnaire that included (36) paragraphs on a sample of (419) teachers and teachers from the basic education stage in Gaza governorates. The results showed that the total degree of appreciation of the primary school teachers in Gaza governorate to the extent of the school curricula 'response to the characteristics of democratic education was medium with a relative weight (67.8%). The field of (democratic teacher practices) ranked first, the field of (democratic teaching methods) ranked second, and finally the field (promotion of democratic values) in the last rank, There were no statistically significant differences at the level of significance (α≤ 0.05) between the mean scores of the ratings due to the variables. The study recommended the development of school and classroom activities associated with representative curricula, such as class councils, student unions and participation groups.


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Case studies and research papers
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Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
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Primary education


Democratic education; Civic education; School curriculum