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Disaster reduction and human security: education for sustainable development; case studies and best practices
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Kyoto | 2005 | 202p
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Kyoto University. Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies

Disaster reduction, human security, education and sustainable development are the four key issues, which are considered in the current compilation. A quick glance of the case studies will tell us the varieties of focus areas. WCD R Thematic Cluster 3 (Knowledge, Innovation and Education: To Build a Culture of Safety and Resilience) identifies four themes under the cluster: Education, Research, Public Awareness and Community Empowerment. A majority of case studies focus on community activities, especially on ho w the communities were able to cope with different types of disasters in different socio-economic context. These are all learning processes for the community, especially to enhance the resilience among its members. A number of these studies include public awareness, training and capacity building programmes. Quite a number of case studies focus on professional expertise, like microzonation, mapping, planning, hazard assessment, and development of risk reduction tools. These are all related to education and research. There are some case studies, which focus on formal education at school and colleges, but are linked to practical learning exercise. Distance learning has appeared as one of the possible media to reach the global mass, and to reach the farthest and the most needy group. The link between on-site testing and on-line learning has been emphasized by several case studies.

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Case studies and research papers
Human rights / Human dignity
Sustainable development / Sustainability / Environmental


natural disasters; disaster prevention; safety; human security; environmental education; safety education; education for sustainable development; case studies
sustainable development; sustainability; human rights; human dignity; global citizenship education