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The Effect of Cooperative Learning on School Achievement and Academic Tendencies for Mathematics among School-related Students
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Algeria | 2012 | 206. p
Burio Murad
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Baji Mukhatar University
Arab States

Academic delay is a prevalent problem in the educational setting, and it is one of the most frequently addressed by researchers and professionals. It has no detrimental influence on the student's psychological development since it impedes his academic progress and cognitive development, given that this stage is a stage of diverse growth, as it is physical, psychological, emotional, and cognitive. It also contributes to wasting financial resources allocated to education and, accordingly, the repercussions of the phenomenon extend to the family and society as a whole. Those who are falling behind in school typically have a normal level of intelligence and good physical condition, but their level of achievement is lower than their true level or the level expected of them.
In this study, the focus was on the cooperative learning strategy to verify its effectiveness in increasing students’ achievement in mathematics and improving their inclinations towards it.

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Case studies and research papers
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Transformative initiatives / Transformative pedagogies
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Higher education


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