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The Effects of Service Learning Program on Medical Students' Perceptions of Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development (Journal of Educational Innovation Research; Vol. 29. No. 1)
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Busan | 2019 | p. 1-16
ISSN 2092-5638
Sojung Yune; Kwi Hwa Park
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Pusan National University Educational Development Institute
Asia and the Pacific
© 교육혁신연구, 윤소정, 박귀화 2019

Purpose: Recently, the concept of 'service learning', which is a curriculum and a program of service learning suitable for medical college, has begun to be introduced. The purpose of this study were to develop a service learning program for medical school and to explore its effects. The research problems set in this study are as follows. First, what is the demand of medical students for service learning education? Second, how does the service learning education program affect students' perception of global citizenship and awareness of sustainable development? Method: In order to investigate the demand for service training of medical students, 99 students in a third grade department of medicine were surveyed. Based on the results of the questionnaires and literature review, we developed a service learning program suitable for medical schools. The developed program was validated by a specialist and then conducted in 2017 during the first semester of a medical school and 88 second grade students at a medical school. The final 78 post - test results were used for the analysis. Results: The service learning education in this study was developed and operated as a course of 1 credit for the major in the second grade. After selecting and exploring the topics, they were asked to perform 6-week project-based volunteer activities. As a result, the service learning program developed in this study was found to be effective in medical students' perception of global citizenship, and sustainable development. Conclusion: In order to improve the professionalism of medical students, it is necessary to educate social contribution and service consciousness, which is expected to be possible through service learning education.


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Journal articles
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
International understanding / Globalisation / International education / Interdependency
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Higher education


Medical students; Service learning; Global citizenship; Sustainable development