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Global Vaccines Equity and Solidarity: For a Fair, Equitable and Timely Allocation of COVID-19 Vaccines in Africa; Series #1
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Harare | 2021 | 2 p.
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UNESCO Office Harare


African populations have been side-lined through the COVID-19 Vaccination roll-out process. A vaccination timeline taking Africa into 2023 would be unethical. African countries need to invest in their own structures and stop relying on colonial structures. There is a moral obligation to safeguard the population through equal distribution. This not only makes moral and ethical sense but also scientific and economic sense as a slow roll out in Africa will impact the rest of the world.


First in a series of community engagement and experience sharing workshops launched on 14 April 2021. This fact sheet captures the main discussion outcomes.


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Advocacy materials
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International solidarity; Inequalities; Vaccination; Pandemics; COVID-19