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Youth Guide on Education for Peacebuilding and the Prevention of Violence
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Addis Ababa | 2022 | 60 p.
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This publication is a training guide for the youth in both formal or non-formal education. It is a resource to work with children and young people in various settings, including schools, non-formal educational program, community activities and other settings. The goal of the training guide is therefore the youth to become a facilitator with the disposition, knowledge, skills and commitment to support other youth in developing their full potential as peace-builders. It provides a foundation of conflict analysis, peacebuilding and describes a learner centered approach to peace education and community engagement.


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Toolkits and practical guides
Peace / Culture of peace
Preventing violent extremism
Transformative initiatives / Transformative pedagogies
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Primary education
Secondary education
Higher education
Non-formal education


Peace education; Peacebuilding; Youth participation