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Guidelines for implementing SEL in schools
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New Delhi | 2022 | 59 p.
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Schools that promote SEL help in their students’ academic and global learning. It enables learners to live peacefully with others in heterogeneous societies and build ‘tolerance’ and ethics in behaviour in terms of universal human traits that go beyond social, cultural and gender differences. SEL cultivates children’s wellbeing, and because schools are mirrors or microcosms of our larger and dynamic societies, it is vital that personal and social learning be mainstreamed in schools. The purpose of these guidelines is to share the latest research with policymakers, school leaders, and teachers looking to integrate SEL into school practices and present scientific evidence on creating school environments and recommending practices that are key to building peaceful and sustainable societies.

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International normative instruments / policy and advocacy documents
Curriculum, teaching-learning materials and guides
Sustainable development / sustainability
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Primary education
Secondary education
Higher education
Social and emotional learning
sustainable development goals