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The Implication of Child Rights Concepts in the Social Education Textbooks of the Upper Primary Schools in Jordan
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Kuwait City, Kuwait | 2012 | p. 58-75
ISSN 1606-1918
الكساب، علي عبد الكريم محم
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Kuwait Society for the Advancement of Arab Children (KSAAC)
Arab States

The purpose of this study is to identify how far are  the concepts of child rights included in the Social and National Education textbooks of the the basic education classes. Relevant child rights concepts were monitored and frequencies, percentages, and KroschialWllace test were used. The results showed that child rights came in a sequence of order. Social rights came on top (F=172), followed by religious rights (F=115) and  political rights (F=56). The text books with most referencies to child rights concepts were the Civic and National education books of class Basic Education 10.

The study recommends promoting  child rights by writing  relevant books and adding child rehigts concepts to the criteria of authoring civic and national education curriculla and textbooks, possibly in partnership with the Ministry of Education and in cooperation with specialists at the faculties of sciences of education, in order to identify child rights concepts, most suitable for each educational level, with appropriete activities and excercises for children to lern about their implying appropriate  into such textbooks for students to learn about their rights. Teachers should be provided with training in order to help children parctice them in reality.

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Teaching and learning materials
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Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Human rights / Human dignity
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Primary education


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