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Media Education in the Primary Stage Textbook of Palestinian Curricula: Civic and National Education
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Nablus | 2009 | 28 p.
Laila Albitar & Alya Alasali
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An-Najah National University
Arab States

The study achieved its purposes in answering three questions aims at identifying the source of Media with in Civic Education and National Education and also identifying the role of Media Education presented in personalities and equipments with the media skills. This was achieved through content analysis for Media sources and its function through finding frequencies and percentages.
The results showed that the focus was on readable media sources in Civic Education books for seventh, eights, and ninth grades and visual sources in National Education books for fifth, sixth, and seventh primary grades. The results indicated that the Civic Education and National Education books dealt with Media Education in a non scientific way.

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Research papers / journal articles
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Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
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Higher education
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