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Methodology: Using Digital Media for Youth Engagement and Active Citizenship
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| 2017 | 97 p.
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The Yep4Europe Consortium
Europe and North America
© YeP4europe 2017

The training methodology “Find-Tell-Act” is the main output of the Youth e-Perspectives on Migration project. The project aimed at empowering young people to address sensitive contemporary societal issues (in our case migration and the refugee crisis) and at the same time to improve their digital and media skills. In this way, digital and technical skills developed in parallel with social values like active citizenship.

The main part of the methodology is, implemented as face-to-face activities. It includes four interrelated digital media modules (or as we call them, workshops): Digital Journalism, Digital Photography, Digital Storytelling and Online Platforms, in which refugee crisis was our main theme. The methodology can be applied to any other “hot” societal topic that young people are faced with.


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Teaching and learning materials
Programme reports and evaluations
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Media and Information Literacy
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Non-formal education


Media literacy; Information literacy; Citizenship; MIL