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Peacebuilding Training Guide for Ethiopia
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[Addis Ababa] | 2020 | 99 p.
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UNESCO International Institute for Capacity-Building in Africa (IICBA)
© UNESCO International Institute for Capacity-Building in Africa (IICBA) 2020

This publication is a training guide for a variety of stakeholders, both inside and outside the education system, in Ethiopia on peace and resilience building. It is an adapted and updated guide for the Ethiopian context. The training guide aims to inform and empower the reader in why and how to educate others for peacebuilding. It provides a foundation of con¬ict analysis and peacebuilding and describes a learner-centered approach to peace education and community engagement. The goal of the training guide is for the reader to become a facilitator with the disposition, knowledge, skills and commitment to support others in developing their full potential as peace-builders.


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Toolkits and practical guides
Human rights / Human dignity
Peace / Culture of peace
Transformative initiatives / Transformative pedagogies
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Primary education
Secondary education
Non-formal education


Peacebuilding; Peace education; Human rights