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Return to the Origin: Ancient Narratives about Humanity, Time and the World
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Buenos Aires | 2022 | 151 p.
ISBN 978-987-813-180-1
Óscar Bonilla ... [et al.]
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Latin American Council of Social Sciences; UNESCO
Latin America and the Caribbean

In this brief reflection, only in an introductory way, two questions are addressed. The first has to do with the relevance or impertinence of a program to record the narratives of our original peoples about the origins and trajectories of humanity. In relation to this first point, they are interested in proposing the bases for an emancipatory approach, that is, counter-hegemonic, of the original narratives. The second question asks about the consequences that it has, for the self-understanding of the crises and tensions of current societies, to highlight non-Western conceptions of human origins and trajectories.


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Research papers / journal articles
Diversity / cultural literacy / inclusive
Globalisation and social justice / International understanding
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Non-formal education
cultural diversity