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Sociolinguistic and Intercultural Training for SFL Teachers in the Context of Linguistic Diversity: A Case Study on the Brazil-Bolivia Border(Revista Iberoamericana De Educación; vol.81, no.1)
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Madrid | 2019 | p. 189-210
ISSN 1022-6508
Vivianne Ferreira Martins


Sociolinguistically complex contexts, such as border areas with languages ​​in contact, demand language teaching in accordance with their specificities. In this sense, the study is a sociolinguistic and intercultural teacher training proposal for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language (SFL) from the Brazilian-Bolivian border, specifically the Brazilian city of Cáceres. The languages ​​in the area, Portuguese, Spanish, Portuñol and indigenous languages, occupy hierarchical positions that respond to relations of inequality and prejudice between individuals of different ethnic origins or different nationalities. The proposed training can be an important factor for the development of interculturality and multilingualism in the region and, in addition, can serve as a model for the teaching of foreign languages ​​in other contexts of linguistic diversity.


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Research papers / journal articles
Diversity / cultural literacy / inclusive
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Higher education