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Spreading a Culture of Peace and Tolerance in the World: What Should We Do?
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Abu Dhabi | 2021 | 2:07:13 (2hr 7min 13sec)
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TRENDS Research & Advisory
Arab States

The video is a symposium, moderated by Emirati researcher and writer Mohammed Khalfan Al Sawafi. The symposium focuses on six main axes: “Religious discourse and the importance of confronting hate speech and extremism, the Human Fraternity Document as a framework for promoting the values of peace and tolerance around the world, and human rights as an entry point for promoting a culture of tolerance and peace, making it an entry point to confront the conflicts of the world and the region, and ways to strengthen it in the region and the world, and toward a vision common for a more peaceful and tolerant world. The video interviews a group of specialists.


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Conference and programme reports
Multimedia materials
Diversity / cultural literacy / inclusive
Human rights
Peace / Culture of peace
Preventing violent extremism / genocide
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hate speech