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For a Transnational History of Disability: Argentina, Brazil and Spain 20th Century
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Buenos Aires | 2022 | 663 p.
ISBN 978-987-813-195-5
Gildas Bregain
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Latin American Council of Social Sciences
Latin America and the Caribbean

Publications on disability have been mostly limited to health, rehabilitation and education editorials. On the other hand, this new Editorial Series, open to social movements, platforms of struggle, academic groups, collaboration networks, public policy makers, citizens of all of our Latin America and the Caribbean and other latitudes of the global South, combines a multiplicity of edges, perspectives and approaches. This volume comes to occupy a vacant place in critical studies on disability in Latin America, which is to record the struggles for the rights of these people in our region. Introducing a historical problematization in this regard not only has an epistemological and political relevance, but also makes a contribution to the present and to contemporary disability policies.


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