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APCEIU gearing up for the promotion of GCED in West Africa through E-learning!
Lomé, Togo

Co-organized by Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) and INSE (Institut National des Sciences de l’Education; National Institute of Educational Sciences and Training) at University of Lomé, Workshop in Togo on GCED (Global Citizenship Education) was held on 15 of November 2017 at Lomé, Togo.


As this year’s third post-Fellowship Programme, Fellowship Good Practices & On-site Training, Workshop in Togo on GCED was implemented to support the initiative of Mr. Namiyate Yabouri (2015 Fellowship participant from Togo) on development of GCED E-learning courses and integration of GCED into curriculum for pre-service teachers in Togo. The workshop invited relevant stakeholders in the area of GCED and curriculum development, including lecturers from educational sciences and psychology department at INSE, researchers from relevant institutes of the university and representative from Togo National Commission for UNESCO .



After the opening remarks given by Professor Komlan Batawila, the Vice-President of University of Lomé, the first session introduced GCED to participants in order to enhance their understanding towards the concept. Led by APCEIU, the background on emergence of GCED and conceptual framework of GCED was presented to the participants followed by an intense debate session where the participants asked various crucial questions relevant to the Togolese context.


The afternoon session was first facilitated by Mr. Yabouri, during which he analyzed the opportunities as well as challenges in integration of GCED concepts into e-learning curriculum for pre-service teachers in context of Togo. He asserted that as a pre-service teacher training institute in Togo, INSE already possesses necessary resources and experiences to develop teacher training curriculum. However, he also pointed out that lack of facilities and equipment may hinder the process, but hoped that the problem be solved within coming years with the enhanced support system of the university. Mr. Yabouri further elaborated on the details of the project as well as expected results, on which the participants divided into 3 groups and discussed the feasibility and ways of improvement for the proposed project.


Based on collected feedback from the participants, INSE will continue to work on development of GCED E-learning curriculum which is expected to be validated and ready for early next year. APCEIU expects that the newly developed E-learning curriculum on GCED will benefit a wide range of educators, particularly those of Francophone countries in West Africa.