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Consultation Meeting with Relevant Organizations for the 2019 Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education

Organized by APCEIU, the Consultation Meeting with Concerned Organizations for the 2019 Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education(APTE) was held on 21-22 February 2019 at Haeundae Grand Hotel in Busan, Republic of Korea.


The Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education is a bi-lateral teacher exchange programme between the Republic of Korea and 7 Asia-Pacific countries(Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam), hosted by the Ministry of Education(MOE) of the Republic of Korea and implemented by APCEIU. The 2019 APTE, in which a total of 180 teachers from the 8 countries and 47 host schools from 16 MPOEs of the Republic of Korea will participate this year, has been officially launched with the kick-off of the Consultation Meeting.





The opening ceremony was filled with the congratulatory remark by Mr. KIM Seokjun, the Superintendent of Education of Busan Metropolitan Office of Education, the welcoming remark by Ms. SHIN Meekyung, the Director of the Educational Internationalization Division of the MOE Korea, the opening remark by Mr. CHUNG Utak, the Director of APCEIU, and the keynote speech by Ms. KIM Insun, the Head Director of Haemill School. Through her keynote speech, Ms. KIM Insun emphasized the importance of the roles of schools and teachers in growing students as global citizens with open minds and global competency, and pointed out the significance of the APTE as a platform of the co-development of students and teachers of the participating countries. 


The participants of the 2019 Consultation Meeting have successfully shared the outcomes of the 2018 APTE and the plan of the 2019 APTE. Especially, this year’s Consultation Meeting provided the participants with the opportunity to construct a better network for the implementation of the APTE, by accumulating ideas and suggestions on the betterment of the Programme.    


Meanwhile, Mr. Oh Joon, the former Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations in 2013 to 2015, delivered a special lecture on Global Citizenship Education, which addressed the significance and challenges of the Global Citizenship Education in the globalization era. The lecture also emphasized the key implications of the APTE which particularly contributes to the goal 4.7(promoting GCED) and 4.c(enhancing the quality of teaches through international cooperation) of the SDGs.