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UNESCO publishes new guidance tool for policy-makers on the prevention of violent extremism through education

UNESCO just released its new guidance tool Preventing violent extremism through education: A guide for policy-makers. The new publication will help policy-makers within ministries of education prioritize, plan and implement effective actions for the prevention of violent extremism through education, and contribute to national prevention efforts.


Member States acknowledged the importance of preventing violent extremism through education and requested UNESCO’s assistance in this endeavour. It also marks UNESCO’s effort to contribute to the implementation of the UN Secretary-General’s Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism.


‘’Inclusive, equitable and quality education is one of the most powerful tools against the spread of violent extremist ideologies,” said Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General. “We need a specific type of education to create the conditions that can build learners resilience to hateful narratives and strengthen their commitment to non-violence and peace. This new UNESCO document offers guidance to help Member States deliver education programmes that build young people’s resilience to violent extremist messaging and foster a positive sense of identity and belonging.”


Together with the Teacher’s Guide on the Prevention of Violent Extremism, this Guide for policy-makers outlines measures that can be taken within education systems to address challenges posed by violent extremism. For example, the development of inclusive education policies and non-discriminatory educational contents; the promotion of safe learning environments; the development of confident and well-trained teachers and, finally, the establishment of empowering partnerships. The document also presents modalities of implementation and includes frequently asked questions.


The Guide will be shortly issued in French and then in other UN languages. Both guidance tools, A Teachers Guide on the Prevention of Violent Extremism and Preventing violent extremism through education: A guide for policy –makers, serve as a basis for UNESCO capacity building workshops on the prevention of violent extremism through education.