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Education for a Democratic Citizenship in the Countries of Latin America: A Critical Look
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Madrid | 2007 | 16 p.
E-ISSN 1696-4713
Bradley A.U. Levinson; Juan G. Berumen
Latin America and the Caribbean

This report is a contribution to the discussion of the Regional Policy Dialogue on training for democracy and secondary education in Latin America. In this text, we present an analysis of the results of a survey on education for democracy carried out as part of the activities of the Education Network, which was sent by the Bank to the member countries of the Dialogue. We frame these results in a conceptualization of what it means to educate for democracy. We complement the discussion with information from additional sources that illuminate different aspects of the conceptual framework proposed here.

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Case studies and research papers
Journal articles
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
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Secondary education


Democracy, Citizenship Education, Civic education
Educación pública, Políticas educativas, Ciudadanía democrática