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Education for Sustainable Development
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Algeria | 2021 | 8 p.
ISSN 1112-5896
Younis Isa; Amara Aisha; Maiter Aisha
Arab States
© IKTU 2021

This intervention aims to highlight the importance of education in order to achieve sustainable development, as one of the topics that receive great attention in all countries of the world, as an important issue at the present time, and the focus of its attention is to improve three basic aspects, and these aspects are related to the economic, social and environmental aspects, and to achieve This concept - sustainable development - must be taught to young people, and this is by including it in the educational curricula, and to teach sustainable development and its consolidation requires specific methods, and sustainable development needs components for its education, and these components must be taken into account in the educational process and environment, and sustainable development requires A set of approaches must be activated, and to consolidate sustainable development in education we follow several specific teaching methods for this purpose, and this is to help students in education for sustainable development. The intervention also highlighted some of the competencies necessary to achieve the goals of sustainable development, as well as the needs of education for sustainable development.

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Research papers / journal articles
Sustainable development / sustainability
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Higher education