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Working for a Better Life: A Junior Cycle Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE) Unit Exploring Human Rights and Development
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Dublin | 2016 | 59 p.
ISBN 978-0-946791-44-6
Kathryn Moore; Mella Cusack
Corporate author: 
A Partnership with Africa (APA); CDETB Curriculum Development Unit
Europe and North America
© A Partnership with Africa (APA) 2016

The aim of this Teaching and Learning Unit is to encourage teachers and junior cycle students to question the sources of generalisations about ‘developing countries,’ and to use a human rights framework when engaging with case studies about people who are working to lift themselves out of situations of poverty and inequality. The unit can also be used to support teaching and learning in Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE), and to contribute to the delivery of Wellbeing at junior cycle level. The unit could also be used in citizenship, social justice or development education module for Transition Year students.


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Teaching and learning materials
Toolkits and practical guides
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Human rights / Human dignity
International understanding / Globalisation / International education / Interdependency
Social justice / Equity
Inclusive / Diversity
Level of education: 
Secondary education


Development education; Poverty; Equality; Human rights; Ethiopia; Nigeria