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A happy learner is more likely to be a thriving one – better able to solve problems and apply critical thinking skills, more self-confident and...
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Course This global education online learning course is designed for education practitioners, social workers, civil society, youth activists, as well...
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Innovation in thinking, sharing and acting for a peaceful and sustainable world is the message UNESCO shared at this years' World Innovation Summit...
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The KAICIID International Fellows Programme will begin its first year with a cohort of educators from a variety of religious and secular institutions...
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Salzburg Global will host seven Global Citizenship Program sessions. In 2015, Salzburg Global will host five student sessions and two faculty...
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The new UNESCO Clearinghouse on Global Citizenship Education (GCED), hosted by APCEIU - the Asia Pacific Centre of Education for International...
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The International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) is an applied peace education laboratory that provides a space for pedagogical experimentation...
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