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Concepts and Actors’ Perceptions of Living Together in Basic Education Textbooks in Ivory Coast
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Québec | 2013 | p. 115-129
ISSN 1916-0666 (numérique)
Goïta Ouattara Kanndanan Insiata
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McGill Journal of Education

This article first highlights the concepts of living together in basic education textbooks in Ivory Coast. Second, it identifies the perceptions of these concepts by the actors (trainers and learners) as well as the media used for instruction. To address these two concerns, the methodology consisted of a content analysis of textbooks and current program guides, as well as an analysis of interviews with the actors. The results indicate that solidarity, peace, tolerance, discipline, and inter-ethnic alliance are concepts, among others, taught to instil a culture of peace in potential future socio-political actors. In addition, these concepts are positively perceived and appropriated by the actors.

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Declarations, statements and normative instruments
Journal articles
Teaching and learning materials
Peace / Culture of peace
Inclusive / Diversity
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Primary education
Secondary education


Solidarité; Paix; Culture de la paix; Tolérance